Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review: Book of Books

Book of Books by Trevor Dennis

In this publication, the author makes an attempt to lighten the Bible for young children's reading. He doesn't claim that this is a translation; rather a re-telling.
But in re-writing the Bible, the author forgot one thing- the BIBLE is GOD'S HOLY WORD!
In it is the foundation for our lives. It is history.....and to dumb down the Holy Word of God is to lose it. To explain further, but along a different aspect: let's consider Colonial America. With what books did the young children learn to read? Certainly not picture books and ''I can read'' series or dumbed-down childrens bibles! Rather, they began with a primer, the chatechism, and the holy inscripturated word of God, the Bible! And even before reading age, what did they hear read aloud daily? The Bible!
Children are more intelligent than is imagined. I don't know if you have heard this before or not, but I read this quote about only one of the amazing children from America's early years ...........''When he was a child in petticoats, and had learned to read, Mrs Johnson one morning put the common prayer-book into his hands, pointed to the collect for the day, and said, 'Sam, you must get this by heart.' She went up stairs, leaving him to study it: But by the time she had reached the second floor, she heard him following her. 'What's the matter?' said she. 'I can say it,' he replied; and repeated it distinctly, though he could not have read it over more than twice.[17]''
Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson

What are YOUR teenagers doing with their lives? Could they even understand the Geneva Bible? Or even the Authorized Version? Quite obviously, Americans' literacy rate has decreased drastically over the years! Now is the time we should be changing that and not encouraging it! Do we, as Americans, want our English to degrade year after year? I understand that perhaps your children may complain of the Bible being ''boring''. Well...if they think God's Word is boring, reaching out to please them with a babyish, ear-tickling version will not help them learn of the Holy God and the Savior of the World!
However, I do like to read a simpler version when I am travelling and my mind is weary: it is the NT translation by Moody Press 1950 Charles B. Williams. because it is akin to the original Greek, and is actually quite insightful. BUT, it should not be instead of the whole Bible;  Geneva version, or even more recent but accurate translations, or Authorized or NKJV! Do not allow your children or yourself to be brought DOWN to a level of immaturity that offends God!
Quite truthfully, I believe this book of the retelling of the Bible is offensive to the God. 
My original thoughts were that the author was discreetly leaving out the more sinful or gory or.....just adult portions of the Old Testament that we would rather our younger, innocent children to read...Song Of Solomon is one. But imagine my shock when I see that the author actually attempted to carefully explain other portions of Scripture-- which usually go over a poor innocent child's head! These portions include the account of David and Bathsheba, and even the woman in the New Testament with the issue of blood....both these stories were carefully explained. 
   And for some odd reason, the Psalms were omitted. As well as Proverbs! Of all books for children, Proverbs is essential!!! But to my surprise and shock, NONE of it was there.

Shockingly, the Ten Commandments were not even included in this ''Bible''. Seriously....here is removing thoughts of personal guilt and sin at its worst! 

Please pray about what I have shared with you. And  may you have the vision to glorify God by seeking the BEST for your children! For the generations to come. We need to go back to the wisdom of centuries ago; not that your children will be saved from their sin just by being wise and mature outwardly....but at least it helps our society! 
And can true wisdom be found? Yes, through Christ, and through His Word!!!! 
May God bless you. 

NOTE: I received this book free through Kregel blog tour and was encouraged to state my honest opinion. 

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