Friday, January 9, 2015

Reviewing music for cash with Slice the Pie

Slice the review....

          ''Slicethepie Ltd sent you $10.00 USD

Just thought you'd like to know Slicethepie Ltd sent you $10.00 USD.''

   This year I have been quite active in joining a variety of survey and/or reward sites. Its been awesome bringing in extra cash this way! 
Since I just successfully received my first payment of $10.00 from Slice the I thought it would be a great time to share the news with all of you! 

1. What in the world is
It's quite a unique site where people who love music and writing reviews simply listen to 30 seconds of music and (hopefully speedily) form their thoughts into a critical review! If you have a good ear for music (and who doesn't?) and can type your thoughts quickly, this is an ideal way to earn extra cash! It's also ideal for multi-taskers (such as myself).
2. Each little review garners a few cents. As you advance up your scale of experience, you gain more per review. See this helpful article
3. I would recommend that you don't try reviewing the 10 minutes surrounding every beginning of an hour. Their system updates then and you may not get paid for the review you were entering. 
4. Last, but most importantly, the music on this site is ALL from budding musicians. Some have talent, many don't. Therefore your goal as a reviewer is to provide constructive criticism. Don't worry if you are not a music teacher; just provide thoughts as to what you, the listener experienced (good or bad) at different portions of the piece. 
Have fun!

  I was considering Slice the Pie as a low-reward company, and rightly so when you consider what a pittance 12 cents is. However, eventually, 12 cents and 8 cents and so on will add up to $10.00. As I discovered to my glee. Comparing SlicethePie with, SlicethePie isn't really bad at all. Considering that each swagbuck you earn through the latter program only equals 1 cent, earning 8-14 cents per review on SlicethePie isn't bad at all! This is a great option for multi-taskers (such as myself) and the bed-ridden!

In closing, I was waiting until being successfully paid before publishing this review. I have successfully received my first $10.00 in my PayPal account and therefore feel confident in recommending this program to you as well. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Natural solution to orthodontic pain! How I naturally avoided pain during headgear treatment

it's something we've feared since we were born! Nobody chooses to experience pain, yet it's constantly threatening us in even the smallest daily activities!
  Sometimes pain is accepted as a necessary side effect of a good thing. And in some instances that is true. Childbirth comes to mind. However, wouldn't it be great if we could do something to lessen some of the pain in our lives?
   I have many options, but the one I have been most recently relying on is...Cayenne pepper!
Although an adult, I recently got orthodontic braces and just this week began wearing headgear. To even my own surprise, I breezed through the first 15 hours straight without more than a little pain near the end of those hours! I have continued to don the unusual device and although I can tell my teeth are moving (tenderness is obvious), I have not really suffered any pain.
The reason this time? Cayenne pepper! For the 10 days preceding my orthodontic appointment, I downed 4 gelatin capsules of Cayenne pepper daily!
Cayenne has been proven to lessen sensitivity to pain. I cannot tolerate spicy foods, so I ingested the pills instead of flavouring my food daily with the spice.

Vitacost is our favourite place to purchase health supplements and herbs and spices! Sign up through our referral link and then search Cayenne pepper. You can buy the spice loose, and then add empty gelatin capsules to your order. Or you can purchase already capsuled Cayenne.
Choose what best suits your needs, and then add this beneficial spice to your daily routine!

Since I mentioned orthodontic care, I want to mention that cayenne in capsules is an excellent option for giving your child who is ''suffering'' orthodontic treatment! Not all children can tolerate heavily-spiced foods, yet many can swallow capsules, making this the perfect solution to their pain/discomfort.

Check back soon for more pain-related and health supplement-focused posts!

Free paper? YES! Get 3 free reams of paper from Staples by following these steps!

Staples® Multipurpose Paper, 8 1/2in. x 11in., CaseThree Free Reams of Paper at Staples – 
Right now you can get 3 FREE reams of paper from!
If you have done such offers before, you won't be intimidated by the instructions below...I have not tried this out yet but it looks easy. Just keep this page open so you make sure you have the link to the rebate page ready. 
1. Add 3 Staples 8.5 x 11 Multipurpose Paper, 10-ream Cases $53.99 each to your cart!
Total = $161.97
2. Head to checkout
3. Select the “Pay with Visa Checkout” option to save $30 off $150 order
4. Pay $131.97 (+tax) Don't be frightened...follow next orders to save your money!
5. Submit for three-four $44 Visa Prepaid Cards
 via Easy Rebate for purchasing this paper

Final Cost FREE!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Kellog's rewards free points January 5th 2015

Have you joined Kellog's family rewards yet? It is another fun way to earn points to save up for small rewards! Although my family doesn't purchase many Kellog's items, there are often free codes being posted online and I have garnered a tidy amount of points on account of these codes. 

Sign up today, and enter these codes for 75 extra points!

Enter the codes KFRTHANKYOU25PTS and KFRTHANKYOU50PTS to receive 75 FREE Kellogg’s Family Rewards points. I’m not sure when these codes expire. Points can be redeemed for coupons, books, magazines, toys, sweepstakes entries, donations and more. 

Free energy bar samples

You can't beat free snacks....sign up for these ones in less than a minute!

Quest Nutrition energy bar! Choose from a variety of flavours.

Abba Paleo bar sample- choose from 3 flavours.

Free SPONGE hair ROLLER pack JANUARY 5TH 2015 only

 For JANUARY 5TH 2015 ONLY and while supplies last, is offering new customers a FREE 6 pack of sponge hair rollers
   During the checkout process you will have to ‘like’ them on Facebook in order to complete checkout. 
No credit card is required. Offer is good 1/5/15 only, while supplies last. 
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