Monday, February 9, 2015

Book review: The First Principle by Marissa Shrock


This book is a winner! It makes my top 10 of 2014, I think (having read it in December 2014)!
I casually started it one afternoon and could not put it down! I completed it the following morning (it was hard to stop reading it just to go to bed, but I mastered that difficult task)! This futuristic novel is absolutely amazing. The author is not only an excellent writer, but she has this stellar story line which I am just blown away by. 
As I finished this book I realized I was left with some questions; not too many as to be confused and dissatisfied, but rather enough that I really hope the author is planning a sequel! (please!!!) 
Without life, there can be no liberty or pursuit of happiness. In this futuristic novel, changes have occurred to North America which are -unfortunately- imaginable. The United States of America has become the United Regions of North America in which many of our worst dreams have come about. The government has more control than ever, including the power to decide who can have children and who can't. Population management includes the rule that underage pregnancies be terminated immediately. Birth control for girls under 18 is mandatory and since teenage sex hasn't diminished but rather increased by this futuristic year, abortions are constant. There is, however a remnant of people fighting against all this wrong. They are known as the Emancipation Warriors who are primarily Christians. Vivica Wilkins, the main character in this book has no idea what she will be getting into when she starts forming personal convictions against the Population Management law. Ironically, Vivica is the daughter of the governor of her territory and, as you can imagine, is in a far-from-ideal situation for expressing opinions opposing that of the government. 
I have no desire to give the storyline away, so all I will say is that things progress rapidly in this novel! Vivica finds herself swept into a world of danger. Should she rely on the Emancipation Warriors in her time of need? Should she trust a group of people she formerly thought of as rebellious? Should she stand up against her own mother? 
This book is a strong stand against the evils a government can inflict. Well-written and exciting, the reader will not be disappointed. I was brought to tears at some points by the all-too-realistic situations. Most of all, I was inspired and convicted. This is a powerful book with a strong message and I can't wait to read a sequel!

For conservative readers: This book may not be appropriate for younger readers. 
Teenage sex is a major, although discreet, topic in this book. 
There are some violent and graphic moments in this book which may be too much for younger readers. However, I think it is excellent for teenagers on up!

I received this book from Kregel publications in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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