Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review: Primal

PRIMAL by Mark Batterson
paperback 2012

Are you living your Christian life to the fullest? How much do you love God? How much wonder do you have for our Creator, Lord and King? How much love do you have for those around you? How much love do you have for God, for that matter?

In this his second book, Mark Batterson encourage, challenges and beseeches Christians to examine their life..and to go a step furthur, or rather, in his own words, a step deeper in your walk as a believer! And while you're at it, to go MORE than a step deeper. Rather, MILES deeper, back to the true meaning of following Christ! In Him is ultimate life, ultimate peace, ultimate fulfillment.

This book's contents are divided between five chapters: The Heart of Christianity, The Soul of Christianity, The Mind of Christianity, The Strength of Christianity, and Discussion Questions. Within each chapter are several topics, each packed with old and new revelations of wisdom and truth. Sure to inspire you!

I include my favorite quotes from the book:

''Does your heart break for the things that break the heart of God?''

''Our country needs a reality check.''

''Just as you are responsible for your actions, you are responsible for your re-actions! Compassion is always the right reaction.''

"It's easier to act like a Christian than it is to react like one. Anyone can put on an act. But your reactions reveal what is really in your heart. And if you love God with all your heart, you won't just act like it. You'll react like it too.''

Although there were moments in the book which made me cringe (such as weak descriptions of God's humor, Jesus' ''wild side'', and references to God thinking His children are funny....as well as the author's statement that ''joking can be a form of praying''. Excuse me? I don't think so!), the book is worth the read! I recommend it. A refreshing point about this book is that the author writes with much knowledge- this is not just another easy reading book, even though it is passing simple to read through.

Read the first chapter of the book here
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I received this book free from WaterbrookMultnomah publishers in exchange for my honest opinion of the book.
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