Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Maven makeup at! Just pay $5.00 shipping! December 2014

Join Julep Maven   Today I discovered a really neat deal for a free box of one beautiful nail polish or lipstick at!
    What a fun deal for the may even get it in time for Christmas, and definitely for the festive New Year's time!
Here's what to do, ladies!

1. Sign up for a free account at

2. Sign up for a free account at

3 . NEXT (after you've signed up through my referral link above), go to the home page of Swagbucks and look at the featured deals they offer.  Click on the image with the holiday nails that says ''JULEP earn 800 Swagbucks''

4. Complete the short, fun survey thingy on Julep's web page (which you will have clicked onto from Swagbucks)

5. Complete your order by using the code SWAGBUCKSFREE to get your 1 box of makeup free! Shipping is technically free, but since the total does come out to $5.48, I consider that the shipping cost. :) (It's psychologically more pleasing).

6. Now, if you like, you can refer your friends to earn $15.00 credit for future use!

You can't go wrong with free! I'm considering reselling my free bottle of nail polish!

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