Friday, January 9, 2015

Reviewing music for cash with Slice the Pie

Slice the review....

          ''Slicethepie Ltd sent you $10.00 USD

Just thought you'd like to know Slicethepie Ltd sent you $10.00 USD.''

   This year I have been quite active in joining a variety of survey and/or reward sites. Its been awesome bringing in extra cash this way! 
Since I just successfully received my first payment of $10.00 from Slice the I thought it would be a great time to share the news with all of you! 

1. What in the world is
It's quite a unique site where people who love music and writing reviews simply listen to 30 seconds of music and (hopefully speedily) form their thoughts into a critical review! If you have a good ear for music (and who doesn't?) and can type your thoughts quickly, this is an ideal way to earn extra cash! It's also ideal for multi-taskers (such as myself).
2. Each little review garners a few cents. As you advance up your scale of experience, you gain more per review. See this helpful article
3. I would recommend that you don't try reviewing the 10 minutes surrounding every beginning of an hour. Their system updates then and you may not get paid for the review you were entering. 
4. Last, but most importantly, the music on this site is ALL from budding musicians. Some have talent, many don't. Therefore your goal as a reviewer is to provide constructive criticism. Don't worry if you are not a music teacher; just provide thoughts as to what you, the listener experienced (good or bad) at different portions of the piece. 
Have fun!

  I was considering Slice the Pie as a low-reward company, and rightly so when you consider what a pittance 12 cents is. However, eventually, 12 cents and 8 cents and so on will add up to $10.00. As I discovered to my glee. Comparing SlicethePie with, SlicethePie isn't really bad at all. Considering that each swagbuck you earn through the latter program only equals 1 cent, earning 8-14 cents per review on SlicethePie isn't bad at all! This is a great option for multi-taskers (such as myself) and the bed-ridden!

In closing, I was waiting until being successfully paid before publishing this review. I have successfully received my first $10.00 in my PayPal account and therefore feel confident in recommending this program to you as well. 

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